Friday, May 30, 2014

Ruler of Gods


Zeus is the ruler of all gods.He is Intelligent,brave and powerful.
What makes him like this is because he is the son of the King Titan
Cronos.How ever unlike Cronos's other sons who were stuck in Cronos
stomach Zeus was not his mother [Hera] hid Zeus so Cronos would not find him Cronos Knew Zeus was born so Hera covered a Rock in a blanket
and Cronos ate the rock thinking it
was Zeus So then Zeus grew up 
and became a True God Zeus had made a potion and gave it to his 
mother to give Cronos to drink.After drinking it Cronos threw up 
all his children and Zeus and his siblings took down Cronos and 
the Gods took over the world that is how Zeus became the Ruler of all gods.

My Opinion

I think Zeus is a Really Great God according to this story,but
once you get to know the entire think your ranking of him will
go down.I think Zeus is the most famous god.This is one of my
favorite god because of his Lightning bolt.I Respect this god 
because he rules over the skies.His Greatest Strength is Creating 
thunder storms.His greatest weakness is Betrayal.

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